Claude Bourbon
medieval & Spanish blues

CD A Drifter's Life...

£ 15 

  1. A Long Way From Home (Bourbon/Leaning)
  2.  Lady Cary (Part 1)  (Bourbon)
  3. My Lady Carey's Dompe (Trad.)
  4. A Drifter's Life (JJ Cale)
  5. Des Jours Gris (Bourbon)
  6. Star Of The County Down (Trad.)
  7. Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You (TJ White)
  8. Nomade (Bourbon)
  9. Les Saintes (Bourbon)
  10. Searching (Bourbon/Leaning)
  11. The One Night You're Gone (Bourbon)
  12. Dresden (Bourbon)
  13. Twelve Red Roses (Bourbon/Leaning)
  14. Smiling Blues (Bourbon/Leaning)




£ 0 

CD 1 : Over The Mountains

  1. Never Mind  (T. Leaning / C. Bourbon) 3’50’’
  2. Over The Mountains  (T. Leaning / C. Bourbon) 3’42’’
  3. Le Prochain Train  (C. Bourbon) 3’09’’
  4. The Road Is Long  (T. Leaning / C. Bourbon) 5’35’’
  5. Can I Ever Be  (T. Leaning / C. Bourbon) 4’20’’
  6. I’m drifting  (T. Leaning / C. Bourbon) 3’46’’
  7. Travellin’ Man  (A. Hammond / C. Bourbon) 3’38’’
  8. I Borrowed A Smile  (C. Ward / C. Bourbon) 3’20’’
  9. Droit Devant  (C.Bourbon) 3’41’’
  10. Ready for Violin… (The Bourbon’s) 2’20’’

Total Running Time :  37’26’’

Over the Mountains Review HERE


    CD 2 : Over The Sea
  1. Greensleeves (Anonymus) 1’29’’
  2. 1850  (Claude Bourbon) 2’31’’
  3. Bach Gavotte Intro (J-S Bach 1700) 0’33’’
  4. Kauanoe (Claude Bourbon) 2’39’’
  5. Welsher Tanz  (Hans Neusidler 1536) 1’49’’
  6. Souviens-toi  (Claude Bourbon) 4’58’’
  7. What If A Day  (Anonymus) 1’32’’
  8. Dance with the Witch  (Claude Bourbon) 2’06’’
  9. Au-dessus des nuages  (Claude Bourbon) 2’07’’
  10. Bolero  (Maurice Ravel 1928) 5’44’’
  11. Turkish March  (W-A Mozart  1780) 2’17’’
  12. A Toy  (Anonymus) 1’05’’
  13. English Dance  (Anonymus) 1’21’’
  14. Claude’s Lullaby (Claude Bourbon) 3’25’’
  15. Whirlwind  (Claude Bourbon) 2’33’’
  16. Après l’Orage (Claude Bourbon) 2’20’’
  17. Paduana alla Valenciana  (  Judenkünig  1523) 1’11’’)
  18. Bockington’s Pound  ( (Anonymus) 1’38’’
  19. Misty Lady  (Claude Bourbon) 4’05’’
  20. Lawrence Gibson  (Claude Bourbon) 1’01’’

Total Running Time : 43’36’’

"Over The Sea"

Pieces 1,3*,5,7,11*,12,13,17,18  were composed in the 16th century (except * 18th century) by various German, English & Austrian composers as stated on the track list.

Pieces 2,4,6,8,9,14,15,16,19,20 were composed in the 21st century by Claude Bourbon

Piece 10 is my version of Ravel’s Bolero (composed in the 1920’s). It’s a loose interpretation of this famous piece and always a big hit in live performances….

CD We'll Meet Again

£ 15 

  1. The End of the World  (Claude Bourbon & Zachary Bourbon)
  2.  White Wine(Claude Bourbon & Tim Leaning)
  3.  Angie(Mick Jagger & Keith Richard)
  4.  Me Cacher Pour Pleurer  (Claude Bourbon)
  5.  I Need Shelter  (Claude Bourbon & Tim Leaning)
  6.  Ghosts   (Claude Bourbon & Tim Leaning)
  7.  Rodrigo (Joaquin Rodrigo)
  8.  Welsher Tanz (Hans Neusidler - 1536)
  9.  Rhyme Or Reason (Claude Bourbon & Tim Leaning)
  10. Fourteen Fifteen(Claude Bourbon)
  11. English Dance  (Annonymus - 1619)
  12. There's Somebody Missing(Claude Bourbon & Tim Leaning)
  13. The Mirror  (Claude Bourbon & Tim Leaning)
  14. We'll Meet Again  (Ross Parker & Hughie Charles)
  15. Bockington's Pound (Francis Cutting)

Total running time : 50'45''
Recorded in "sunny" Pompey, England, between January and April 2010

“This French-born guitarist grew up in Switzerland where for a time he was classically trained, but he soon felt the need to explore the guitar without the limitations of written music and delved headlong into folk, blues, jazz and rock music. Now based in the UK, he has become a world-renowned player, highly acclaimed for his finger-picking style—plucking, picking and strumming at such speed that his fingers seem to appear just as a blur. This latest album utilises strains of folk, western, jazz and blues through such melodic delights as the traditional English Dance, the hypnotic Rodrigo and a gorgeous version of the Rolling Stones’ Angie. Claude also adds vocals to some tracks such as Rhyme or Reason and The End of the World displaying a slightly gruff, world-weary voice.” Maverick Magazine, February 2011

CD "The Travellin'Man" (Double CD)

£ 0 



This CD has been re released : CD1 & CD2 onto 1 single CD. (Artwork is the same)

CD 1 : (Instrumental guitar pieces)

  1. Medieval (Bourbon)
  2. Up In The Attic (Bourbon)
  3. Sweet Entreaty (Bourbon)
  4. Bolerole (Bourbon)
  5. Echo (Bourbon)
  6. A Light In The Night (Bourbon)
  7. Passing Through (Bourbon)
  8. Lawrence Gibson (Bourbon)
  9. Almansa (Bourbon)
  10. Fugue (Bourbon)
  11. Pouce Sonata (Bourbon)

Total Running Time : 43'31''

CD 2 :

  1. Sitting On A Cliff (Bourbon/ Leaning)
  2. Pourquoi M'as-Tu Quitte ? (Bourbon)
  3. Love (Bourbon)
  4. Angel (Bourbon/Leaning)
  5. Sensitive Kind (J.J. Cale)
  6. Crazy Dog (Bourbon/Leaning)
  7. I'M Doing Fine (Bourbon/Leaning)
  8. There's A Storm Coming (Bourbon/Leaning)
  9. 1850 (Bourbon)

Running Time : 35'19''
Frog/Records / 2008


With a name like Claude Bourbon, your mind strays perhaps to Louisiana, but this packed double CD set was recorded in Southsea. CD1 is a showcase for Claude’s guitar playing skills and, make no mistake, they are considerable.

Instrumentally, there’s a variety of guitar styles here, from the opening “Medieval” and the Andalusia flavours of “Echo” yet track so “A light In The Night” immediately puts one in mind of Ry Cooder’s “Paris, Texas”. If this collection just included Bourbon’s guitar playing, it would be well worth having for its mesmeric quality.

But on CD2 he accompanies himself singing nine songs, which perfectly match the rolling meditative mood of the first CD. It’s all like a more nimble-fingered version of JJ Cale, so it’s no surprise to discover a Cale song included “Sensitive Kind”. So here we have another fine example of the prodigious talent which is treading the boards in UK clubs. That said, if you see his name flagged up in your area, go along – based on this set you could be in for a very entertaining night.

Roy Bainton, Blues Matters – UK

March 2009

CD Merci Thank You...

£ 0 


CD recorded live at the Centre Culturel Armillaire, Brussels, 2005

  1. Summertime (Gerschwin)
  2. How To Stretch It (Trad. / Bourbon)
  3. Travellin'Man (Bourbon / Hammond)
  4. Ravel's Bolero (Ravel)
  5. You Don't Know... intro only (Bourbon)
  6. Encore (Lovely Audience)
  7. I See Your Face (Bourbon / Goodwin)
  8. End Of Gig (Lovely Audience)
  9. Lawrence Gibson (Bourbon
  10. J'ai Des CDs En Vente... (Bourbon)

Total Running Time : 69'01''

The newest cd of Claude bourbon, alias The Frog With The blues, is pure art! "Merci, Thank You" is a live album recorded in Brussels in May 2005. What can be heard is infinitely beautiful. Claude understands the art of playing incredibly accurate slide and fingerpicking guitar and his voice makes you shiver. Starting from the blues he takes you on a trip with songs which are sometimes inspired by Spanish bolero's or by the protest songs of singer/songwriter Bob Dylan or then again he takes you sailing into the world of classical music but always to return to the blues. Gershwin’s 'Summertime' takes on new dimensions in about twelve minutes: from solemn over affectionate to melodramatically gripping. 'How To Stretch' is a sixteen minutes lasting masterpiece. It’s a traditional but Claude has rewritten it with so much love that only one question remains: how this is possible? Also the bewildering 'Travelin' Man' (Bourbon/Hammond) and Ravel’s Bolero are masterpieces of their kind. To my knowledge nobody has ever performed these songs this beautifully. The interludes between these gems allow you to get an idea of the public’s reactions. I only have one thing to say to Claude: Merci, Thank You! For the aficionados: Claude will perform soon in Belgium. The official release of his cd will be on Saturday 29 October in the Centre Culturel Armillaire, Jette, Brussels.

Reviewed by: Bobtje, Belgium, August 2005

CD Stop Breaking Down

£ 12 

  1. Howlin' At My Door (Bourbon/Goodwin)
  2. I See your Face (Bourbon/Goodwin)
  3. T'es Trop Bonne (Bourbon)
  4. Death don't Have no Mercy (Rev. Gary Davis)
  5. That'll Never Happen no More (Trad./Bourbon)
  6. It's Not For You (Bourbon/Goodwin)
  7. How To Stretch It (Trad./Bourbon)
  8. Mind Your Own Business (Hank Williams)
  9. Toujours Les Memes (Bourbon)
  10. Stop Breaking Down (Robert Johnson)
  11. When You Got A Good Friend (Robert Johnson)
  12. St James Infirmary (Trad./Bourbon)
  13. Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Billy Miles)

Frog Records / 2002

CD Bourbon Street

£ 0 


Steady Rollin'Man (R. Johnson)
Bright Lights, Big City (J.Reed)
Mojo Workin' (Foster)
J'ai Repris La Route (Bourbon)
Crossroad Blues (R. Johnson)
How Long Blues (Leroy Carr)
Wilson's Wild (Anon.)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Sonny Boy Williamson)
Le Blues en Francais (Bourbon)
Greensleeves (Anon.)
Sensitive Kind (J.J. Cale)
From Foun Until Late (R. Johnson)
Dance (Anon.)
Ramblin' On My Mind (R. Johnson
Stormy Monday (T. Bone Walker)
Hey Baby Hey (Big Bill Broonzy)
La Vie Est Ainsi Faite (Bourbon)
All Along The Watchtower (Dylan)
You Gotta Move (Davis/McDowell)
What If A Day, A Month, A Year (Anon.)
Frog Records / 1998

CD Des Jours Gris

£ 12 

  1. Marylene (Bourbon)
  2. Etats D'Anes (Bourbon
  3. Ou vont ceux qui partent (Bourbon)
  4. Tu me genes pour marcher (Bourbon
  5. C'est Dimanche (Bourbon)
  6. La Photo est Cassee (Bourbon)
  7. Bacchus Blues (Bourbon)
  8. Des Jours Gris (Bourbon)
  9. Me Cacher Pour Pleurer (Bourbon)


CD The Fifth

£ 0 


DVD Live In Taunton, MA, USA

£ 10 

  1. Summertime (Gerschin)
  2. Police Dog Blues (Blind Blake)
  3. Passing Through (Bourbon)
  4. Travellin'Man (Bourbon)
  5. C'est Dimanche (Bourbon)
  6. I See Your Face (Bourbon/Goodwin)
  7. How To Stretch It (Trad. / Bourbon)
  8. Ravel's Bolero (Ravel)
  9. You Don't Know (Bourbon)
  10. Hesitation Blues (Blind Blake)

Running Time : 103mn
Frog Records / 2006

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